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About Cyber Marketer

Our Story

Cyber Marketer commenced a business in the year of 2020 Today we are the #1 E-Commerce Developing Company in our Hometown! We focus on Powerful SEOWeb Design,Digital Marketing and Having google’s fundamentals of digital marketing and Microsoft’s bing ads accredited professional certificates is a proof of our knowledge.

CyberMarketer a full service Digital Marketing company in Tamil Nadu with complete Marketing solutions. We specialize in creating E-commerce Websites, SEO, SMM mobile or desktop based on a clients’ idea or requirement. We put all of our technological expertise to work in customizing solutions to meet our clients’ requirements as we understand that different businesses have different needs and requirements. Our team of specialists consistently delivers outstanding results combining creative ideas with our vast experience. We can help you build a sustainable, meaningful relationship with your clients by engaging them with your brand using social media. CyberMarketer an extensive collection of Digital Marketing, Web designing and development services.A best Website Design & Development Agency. Our website design & development team focuses on the user interface designs.

Our Journey

The founding story of CYBER MARKETER dates back to a time when VENKAT was in third year of degree and what started as a Technology Blog evolved to be a Digital Marketing Platform. At this time digital marketing where trending everywhere. so he interested to start an digital marketing websites. before he worked as free lancer for android application developer. Being quick self-learner, he steped into his comfort zone and not being a prey to the entire system, VENKAT decided to follow his passion and that gave shape to CYBER MARKETER in 2019.


 Our Service at its Best

At this time there was quite a lot of companies with enormous resource, took no idea to establish them in the market. Reaching out to their targeted customers through a social presence was indeed an burdensome task. CYBER MARKETER began its successful  journey in 2019 and their entire focus was on brand new websites, powerful SEO, E-commerce web-design and development, your business name domains creation, speed and secure hosting, social media marketing, celebrity account maintenance, unique social media account creation, mobile application developing, application hosting and seo services, YouTube marketing, video marketing, 24*7 service and maintenance. we had best google certified employes with innovative mind and team work. we are the best in this services, hope us.


We are guided by the motto ‘People don’t obtain what you do; they obtain why you do it’. Our objectives is to help our customers discover the ‘Why’ in their marketing strategies through overarching analysis of all critical systemic aspects. The outcome is used by us to support the intrinsic brand value of customer's business through increase in inbound marketing subscriptions effortlessly. At the same time, we rocket up Client Business and help them to achieve a sustainable spot where they can gain maximum business opportunities.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to selecting the right partner for stand out the Digital Marketing, it can get quite difficult these days. The amelioration in competition has made every single one claims to be the best! This makes things noticeably a bit confusing! But we are going to give you some Solid reason to hire us, we have materialise as one of the leading names in the domain of Digital Marketing in India and today, we are a name to be judge with.

Latest Technology

We make sure that the solutions we provide are based on latest technology and market trends so that our clients can always enjoy the perks of being up-to-date.

Quality Solutions

We make sure all the products and services delivered by CYBER MARKETER are of the best possible quality and follow proper industry standards.

Goal Oriented

We, at CYBER MARKETER, always keep an eye on what is the final objective of any activity. All the solutions and training we provide are for the absolute purpose which was decided at the beginning of the project. We understand that the plans and paths may change in the course, but it is the Goal which matters most and need to be fulfilled.

Budget Friendly

Our services and solutions are of quality and equally affordable by everyone who want to see themselves flourish. We’d never liked the word ‘cheap’, as it also reflects the quality of work. But yes, we do not overcharge.

Quick Delivery

Deadlines and milestones matter as we understand there is a perfect timing for everything. We make sure that your business never misses the exposure due to the missed deadline by us. Time matters.


Without focus, no goal can be achieved! We are a team of focused individuals who look ahead and don’t take their eyes off the end goal, and to do that, we always make sure we push all distractions to the side.

We Always

Solve Problems, Do

Forward Thinking!

Affordable price

We Provide

100% Customer Support!

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