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How Digital Marketing Can Help a Business Grow?

Impact of Digital Marketing

The impact of digital marketing on traditional marketing has been profound, and rightfully so. The world of digital marketing opens doors that offer a potential client the opportunity to feel as if he or she is connected with a business, as if the client is a part of it, simply because one sees content from that business online on a regular basis. These types of things entice potential buyers to give products and services a try that they once wouldn’t have even known about. The benefits of digital marketing for the business world are vast and easily outweigh any potential negatives.

  • More affordable methods of reaching a wider audience. Advertising online is less expensive than print advertising, and more people see it. It’s that simple. Hundreds, or even thousands, of people can be reached via sponsored posts on various social media sites for a few dollars a pop. It can take several hundred dollars to run a single print ad in a newspaper, and then consideration must be given to whether or not the target demographic is even seeing the ad.

  • More of a variety of easily accessible marketing outlets. Digital marketing opens a whole new world of opportunities. There are social media, email campaigns, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, banner ads, and so much more. All of these functions can easily be taken care of online as well, making the process smoother.

  • Everyone’s online, so more people are seeing your ads. Again, it’s that simple. These days, people get everything from their news, their weather, the gossip on Bessie’s latest affair, and even their groceries, all with a few clicks of a mouse or swipes of a finger.

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Traditional marketing has its own advantages and most business owners know it. They have used it and they know what the outcomes will be. Shifting from Traditional to Digital is a big task. This not only involves creating and measuring campaigns in a different way but changing the whole mindset. People know that the whole world is on mobile now and they spend on an average 4 hours a day on it, still they will stick to billboards.

There are so many reasons for a Small and Medium business to move to digital. I will list down a few.

1. Geographical expansion

Expanding to a new geographical area with the help of traditional marketing is a nerve wrecking task. Cyber Marketer is the best Digital marketing will help you expand to new areas without any geographical hurdles. Just enter the city you like or select a radius in a particular city. You are flexible with your reach and type of audience. The campaigns can be set up in no time and you are good to go.


2. Cost Effective

Small and medium businesses don’t have a big amount to spend on marketing. Still, the objective is to reach maximum people with the lowest possible cost. A one-time TV ad can of 30 seconds cost a business more than 3,50,000 Rs. if shown at a normal time during the day. A small business doesn’t have that amount of money. Even the print ads and billboards cost a lot. While on the other hand, Digital ads can reach a super-targeted audience at a lower cost.


"60% businesses claimed that they are getting considerable savings by using Digital Marketing methods of promotion for their products and services"


With Digital, you can spend as much as you want and you are in full control of your budget. Businesses spending on digital marketing get better Cost Per Lead (CPL) compared to other marketing channels.


3. Measurable analytics

Apart from cost effectiveness, this is the best advantage of Digital marketing. You can actually see which channel gave you what amount of sales, unlike traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is sometimes shooting in the dark if you don’t measure which channel is giving you the best ROI.

Digital marketing helps to measure every click and helps in identifying user behaviour and buying patterns. It also helps to give detail insights about your target audience so that you can make super targeted ads. The amount of data which you can gather with the help of Digital Marketing is invaluable.

4. Higher revenue

Digital marketing helps to generate higher revenue compared to traditional marketing channels. Small and medium enterprises using Digital Marketing techniques will have 3.3 times better chances of expanding their workforce and business.

" According to Google, companies using digital marketing strategies have 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy "

5. Super targeted audience

If you want to target a woman aged 24-26 who is interested in fashion jewellery, living in Mumbai and newly engaged, you can precisely target her. This is the beauty of Digital Marketing, you can precisely target the people you want. 

Digital marketing facilitates, marketing in real time. It means that the offers and marketing message can be changed based on actions taken by people. A business can customise offers in real time and offer people exactly what they want. This will not only increase customer satisfaction but also bring additional revenue to the business.

Digital marketing brings a steady flow of targeted traffic of people who convert into leads and sales. With Traditional marketing, you cannot target your customers as precisely as digital marketing.

Digital marketing helps your business make use of techniques and strategy that will not only attract more traffic to your business but quality traffic which will engage and convert more. I am not devaluing traditional marketing, it is important, but small and medium businesses should start adopting digital as well. Going digital will bring higher revenues and growth. Marketing is all about targeting right people with the right message, Digital marketing helps you do that efficiently. At Emipro, we provide Digital marketing services which can help you attain the level of growth you need and stand out from the rest. Do Contact us, if you are ready to make the shift.

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