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YouTube has become the world’s largest social media platform. More than 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are viewed every day and more than 300 hours of videos are uploaded each minute. With that amount of content, brands can reach a massive audience through a variety of ads types. And YouTube overlay ads being a preferred ads type among advertisers.

    Make a plan (and track it)
    Go with what you know
    Start creating
    Search matters
    Team up with influences
    Use ads to their full potential
Okay, enough small talk. Let’s get started!

How are video overlay ads different than other YouTube ads?

In addition to these in-display ads on YouTube, there are many other ad formats available, differing primarily with placement, platform compatibility, and ad specs:

Display ads: 

Appear to the right of the feature video and above the video suggestions list. Availability: Display advertising is only available on desktop.

Skippable video ads: 

Play in the video player, either before, during, or after the main video, and viewers can choose to skip these ads after 5 seconds. Availability: Desktop, mobile, TV, and gaming consoles.

Non-skippable video ads: 

Must be watched in the video player before the main video can be viewed. These are 15 or 20 seconds in length, depending on regional standards. Availability: both desktop and mobile.

YouTube Non-skippable video ads

Bumper ads: 

Non-skippable video ads up to 6 seconds that must be watched in the video player before the main video can be viewed. Availability: both desktop and mobile.

YouTube Bumper ads

Sponsored cards: 

Various sized-cards (2mb max) that display promotional content that may be relevant to the feature video, such as products featured in the video. Viewers will only see a teaser for the card for a few seconds (however long the creator designates), or they can click the icon in the top-right corner of the video to browse cards. Availability: both desktop and mobile.

YouTube Sponsored cards

What are YouTube in-video overlay ads?

YouTube in-video overlay ads appear across the bottom of a video on watch pages:

These video overlay ads pop up after the video starts playing, and can be as simple as text (example 1 below) or image ad (example below):

What are YouTube in-video overlay ads

Whether it’s text- or image-based, an ad overlay appears as a pop-up displayed across the bottom 20% of the video window, so it’s not as intrusive as other larger pop-ups. Users can see your ad while still watching the video they clicked on, and they can even close the ad at any time by clicking the “X” in the top-right corner. If they do click your ad, it takes them to your destination URL off YouTube, like a dedicated post-click landing page to promote the offer.

The Internet Loves Video

The Internet and the consumers that use the internet love video – it is now, the most favourite format of content that they’d like to view. By the end of 2019, 54% of the total consumer population want video content compared to the other formats that have been used through time.

Qualified Leads and Awareness of Brand

Almost all the favourite brands of today’s world are recognized by the consumers by the quality, attractive and expressive videos that they post. Video content creates better scope for brand awareness by 54% and brings in 66% better, quality leads with better conversion rates.


Expressive and Quick

Something which can take pages and pages of text could be explained and expressed much more easily with just minutes of video. Remember, it’s the audience that you’re creating for and it needs to be easy for them. 95% of the audience remember the content of video and respond well to the Calls to Action (CTA).

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