Manage user accounts


In Label Studio Community Edition, there are relatively limited options available for user management.

In Label Studio Enterprise, you can set roles for users, restrict their permissions, delete and deactivate users, and view detailed logs of user actions. For more information about the user management capabilities of Label Studio Enterprise, see User management overview in the Enterprise documentation. To start a free trial, click here.

Retrieve user info from the command line

You can retrieve information about a user, including the API user token for a user, from the command line after starting Label Studio.

From the command line, run the following:

label-studio user --username <username>

You can see user info, including their API token, as the last line of the response. For example:

=> User info:
{'id': 1, 'first_name': 'User', 'last_name': 'Somebody', 'username': 'label-studio', 'email': '', 'last_activity': '2021-06-15T19:37:29.594618Z', 'avatar': '/data/avatars/img.jpg', 'initials': 'el', 'phone': '', 'active_organization': 1, 'token': '<api_token>', 'status': 'ok'}

Users can also retrieve their own tokens from the Label Studio app. For more information, see Manage your user account settings.

Review existing accounts in Label Studio

You can view the organization user list from Label Studio:

  1. Open Label Studio and click the menu in the upper left.
  2. Select Organization.

Click the user’s row to see additional details about their activity, such as when they were last active, which projects they created, and which projects they contributed to.

Reset passwords

If you forget your password or change passwords regularly for security reasons, you can change it from the command line.

On the server running Label Studio, run the following command. And then when prompted, type the username and the new password:

label-studio reset_password

You can also use optional command line arguments to reset the password for a username.

  • Specify the username and type the password when prompted:

    label-studio reset_password --username <username>
    New password:
  • Specify both the username and the password:

    label-studio reset_password --username <username> --password <password>