Install Label Studio without public internet access

If you need to install Label Studio on a server that blocks access to the internet using a proxy, or an airgapped server that does not allow outgoing connections to the internet, follow these steps:

Install behind an HTTPS proxy


If you are using a SOCKS proxy, Helm 3 does not support SOCKS proxies. See Install without internet access or HTTPS proxy.

If your organization uses an HTTPS proxy to manage access to the internet, do the following.

  1. Work with your network security team to whitelist so that you can access the Helm charts for deployment.
  2. On the Label Studio server, set an environment variable with the HTTPS proxy address:
    export HTTPS_PROXY=<your_proxy>
  3. Use Helm to install Label Studio on your Kubernetes cluster.

Install without internet access or HTTPS proxy

If you can’t access the internet using a proxy supported by Helm or at all, follow these steps to download the Helm charts necessary to deploy Label Studio on an airgapped Kubernetes cluster.


You need the Label Studio credentials provided to you by your account manager to download the Helm charts.

  1. Download the latest version of Label Studio Helm chart:
    helm repo add heartex
    helm repo update heartex
    helm pull heartex/label-studio
  2. Transfer the downloaded tar.gz archive to the host that has kubectl and helm installed.
  3. Expand the tar.gz archive.
  4. Install Label Studio, updating the path in the helm commands to reference the relative path of the folder where you expanded Label Studio Helm cahrt. For example, if you expanded the archive file in the current directory, run the following:
    helm install ls ./label-studio -f ls-values.yaml
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